Tributes To Barry

    It was with great sadness that Maura and I learned of the death of Barry Porteous.

Barry was the founding father of the Porteous Associates. He had an unswerving enthusiasm for all things relating to the name, a passion for life and an endearing kindness to everyone he came across.

On behalf of the Associates, I’m sure we all offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Barry’s family at this sad time.

Whilst I never met Barry personally, we often spoke on the telephone. I shall remember him as a true gentlemen, who offered both words of advice and good wishes
to both myself and members of my family.

Barry, we will all miss you.

Ken Porteous -Laird Elect – Porteous Associates (Nunthorpe ENG) #525

    As the only surviving Founding Director and first Chief genealogist of Porteous Associates, I have to pay tribute to Barry, our Honorary Laird.I had known Barry for over 30 years and met him and Adele on a number of occasions in England & Scotland. Prior to the publication of Barry’s renowned book “The Porteous Story”, I, along with the other Directors, assisted him in the preparation of some of the material, and I came to respect greatly his talents in writing, organization skills, detailed researching,making personal contacts world wide and his warm encouragement & appreciation of the contributions of these contacts.Barry was an outstanding personality, an achiever,a loving generous natured family man, who took a genuine interest in members of the clan.  His death is a very sad loss for me and all Porteouses who knew him.

This is the end of one Porteous era, but Barry has left a monument in the form of his book “the Porteous Story” and the certainty that the future has been left in good hands.

Gordon (Tenterton, KEN ENG) #11

    It will be a sad loss for us all, can you convey my condolences to Adele and family at this sad time.

Roger Porteous(Wendouree, AUS) #1301

   Sorry to hear about Barry.

Lee Porteous(Rangiora, N.Canterbury NZ) #1401

    I had the good fortune to attend university in the same city as Barry retired, in Kingston ON. While attending university I started really getting involved in my own family research. I had only recently read the Porteous Story a couple of years prior after a great aunt of mine had been given it as a gift. I believe Barry had heard from my cousin Pat Allan that there was a Porteous living nearby, only across the river from his condo as it was, and he proceeded to get in touch and took me out for lunch. At that meeting we talked about a whole lot of Porteous stuff in general, about my own trip to Hawkshaw castle site in ’89 and he offered me encouragement on my personal research as I was stuck at the time. At our lunch Barry gave me a nice Porteous tartan tie and a nice pin. At a meeting years later, he also gave me a copy of the Porteous Story (the version printed by Roger Porteous, Australia) that he had, as I had never been able to find one of the originals, a gift I was very thankful for. He was a generous man to say the least. His work in writing the story of our family, along with the efforts of all the others involved, is a real gift to all future generations of Porteous’, it helped connect the hundreds of branches worldwide, and it will continue to bring us together in the years ahead. I am glad to have known Barry and I will miss him.

Jason Porteous(Hammonds Plains NS CDA) #925

    Please pass on sincere condolences to Adele and the rest of Barry’s family from Shirley and myself.

Bruce Porteous(Aylsham, NFK ENG) #417

   Barry took dad and me out to lunch in Kingston one day several years ago. It was a very enjoyable meeting. Barry was very helpful, upbeat and most encouraging in the early days of my research. I’m quite saddened by the news. ;-(

Doug Porteous(Etobicoke, ONT CDA) #910

    Sorry to hear the news about Barry’s death.

Harold Maynard(Baghdad, Iraq) #525

    I never had the pleasure to meet him, but there is a sense of loss since he meant so much to the Associates.

Karen Glass(Chicago IL USA) #1123

    I’m sending this in regards of the loss of James Barry Porteous. My thoughts are with the family even though I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him. I appreciate all of the help from the Association for finding out about our family back-ground. I wish all the best to the family and hope all goes well.

Cathy Sheridan(Woodstock, ONT CDA) #925

    Sorry to hear of Barry’s passing.

Ken Porteous(Winnipeg, MAN CDA) #915

    Please pass my condolences to the Family of our outstanding and honourary laird.

May the works he started here on earth be continued and may his soul find peace everlasting.

Winston E. Johnson (Jamaica) ?#405?

    I am sorry to hear about Barry. Please pay my respects to his family

Margaret Brooks(Glendale, AZ USA) #527

    So sorry, but know he has not been well for awhile. This may be a blessed release.

Al & Anne Porteous(Carmel, IN USA) #1113

        As the run up to the 4th ‘Porteous Family Gathering’ builds momentum I can’t help thinking that its existence and that of Porteous Associates would probably still not have happened had Barry not had the foresight, energy and commitment to carry through his dream of gathering together all those with the our ‘Family’ name . I first met Barry several years prior to the publication of the Porteous Story and was impressed by his enthusiasm and ability to enthuse others. He was always a kind, caring man taking the trouble to ring across the ‘pond’ to ask after the health of others when his own was failing. He was a lovely man.

Richard Porteous(Reddich, WOR ENG) #405