The Porteous Story

'Table of Contents' include, Border History, Origin of the
Porteous Family, Hawkshaw - the family home, Castles,
Towers and Porteous Strongholds, Heraldry (Arms, Crests
and Mottos), Tartan, Families prior to and after 1700 A.D.,
Queen Elizabeth II, her American and English ancestors and
our family, Porteous Warriors including the award of the Victoria
Cross to Captain Pat Porteous for valor at Dieppe in 1942,
Porteous Riots Edinburgh 1736, 'Dunty' the Porteous Ghost
1650, Porteus families in Ireland, over 150 Family write-ups,
37 Biographies and Achievements including the Roman Tribe
of Porcius flourishing 300 B.C.


The PORTEOUS STORY has now been prepared as a ".pdf" file 
which can be emailed.  This allows recipient to either save it
 as electronic version or print it out (320 letter size pages). 
Please send requests to our email.
This book was done as a family research project 
and is not to be used for profit.
Please keep in mind that this was printed c1980 and that the 
information it contains was accurate as known at the time.
If up to date information desired, email research contacts.
USA orders can be sent to Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA, who, with written permission of Barry Porteous,
will photocopy the original Porteous Story at a  cost of US $80
each, approx. shipping included.