About Us

Porteous Associates is a volunteer group formed in Canada in 1976 to bring together all Porteous families around the world, assistance in correlation of all centralized information is given to bring branches of the same family together. All Porteous (& spelling variants) inquiries welcomed!

HISTORY: Gordon Porteous (whom we lost in 2014) started collecting B/M/D references c1950 (starting with his own family) and continued until c1970 when Robin Porteous got in touch & jointly started listing Porteous wills and records from the Mormon sheets.  Robin then introduced him to Barry Porteous (Canada) who was considering writing the “Porteous Story” enlarging on the notes made by Crichton, Robin’s author uncle.  About 1974 Barry got a group of Portei together (Crichton, Robin & Gordon/England, plus Ailsa/New Zealand) to   help with general Porteous information and family trees for the book.

In 1985 the book “PORTEOUS STORY” was published, its  author was Barry Porteous, assisted by the Porteous Associates and Porteous/Porteus world wide, contents covered such items as various spellings, its roots, and achievements. A copyright limited edition in hardcover, in sky blue from our Coat of Arms, featured a blend of text, maps, photographs, family trees, diagrams and illustrations, with an occasional cartoon for emphasis, this is the only book to record our family name in such detail (see link re reprints).

In 1985, the Directors of Porteous Associates  elected James Barry Porteous of Canada as LAIRD ELECT of The PORTEOUS ASSOCIATES in tribute to his work in establishing the Associates. Extensive research has been unable to locate any descendants of the original Porteous family from Hawkshaw.

Barry retired March/2003 (& passed away April 6, 2005);
Ken Porteous of England is the current Laird.

Porteous Associates Australia began in December 1984 to forward a newsletter to all those who had made contact within Australia, there are now approximately 30 different known families throughout Australia.
(Newsletter ceased publication in July 2012, with the death of Roger Porteous.)

As well in New Zealand, South Africa, America, Canada, and United Kingdom with over 300 individual family trees recorded. (refer index)

In 1989 a Lapel Badge became available which featured the oldest known Porteous Crest dating from 1439 for William Porteous of Hawkshaw.

A cairn was erected in 1990 by Tam Porteous of Edinburgh, on the site of Hawkshaw, using stone from the original Peel Tower, officially unveiled by our Laird – Barry Porteous and Mrs. Moffat, landowner, on September 9th, 1990 at an INTERNATIONAL GATHERING (2005 Photos) of interested Portei.

The International Gathering is now a reunion occurring every 5 years close to the anniversary date of the cairn unveiling.