Our Family History




Our Family History

This is only the beginning,
this site reflects our endless search for the following surnames pre 1850;

Anderson, Bell, Birss, Black, Dallas, Eagles, Gillespie,
James, McDonald, Porteous, Roszell, & Rushton

… and let’s not forget the “In-Laws

Archabald PORTEOUS (1819-1886) was the son of Archibald PORTEOUS (c1776-1824) & Grace ROBISON (1776-1852) who married in 1798 at Dornoch parish, Dalton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  Archie was married in 1849 at Newcastle District, Ontario, Canada to Nancy/Nan/Ann BLACK (c1834-1888). Archie was born in Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and immigrated to Canada in the mid-1840s. Nancy came from Ballymena, county Antrim, Ireland with her family.  Moses Black, Sr (c1776-1881) & his wife, Mary, left Belfast in 1845 and came to Canada with their family: sons James (b. c1827), John (1822-1903) & Moses Jr. (b.1825), & 4 daughters. They settled in Gloucester, Nepean & Goulbourne townships in Ontario.  Mary Ellen (1830-190?) married James K Fleming (c1810-83), Margaret (1836-18??) married Thomas A Barton (1840-19??), & Mabel? (b.c1829) m: James E McKinley/McKinney. It is probable that Moses’ brother, Thomas, with his wife Jane, arrived at the same time; they settled in Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario.

Children of
Archie & Nan
: ~ All children born in Lanark or Carleton counties. ~
1) Thomas McKinley (1853-1928) m. 1878 Ester WARBRICK (1860-1935);
2) Mary Jane (1856-1922) mx3 … plus … (see below*);
3) James Aisles (1858-1935) m. (1) 1884 Eliza Jane SMITH (1866-1901) m.(2) 1906? Mina BUDD? (1883-1950);
4) William Archibald (1862/66-1947) m.1897 Harriet E. DOWRY (nee WATTERS, 1879-1968);
5) Margaret Ann (1864-1900) m.(1) 1885 Neil CAMPBELL (c1830-1888) m.(2) 1889 William LACKEY (1866-19??, who in 1900 married Sarah BANCHERVILLE);
6) Grace (1868-1941) m. c1890 Delevan A. CAIN (1855-1957);
7) Christina (1871-1940) m. 1892 John B. RATHWELL (1864-1935);
8) Moses (1873-1874);
9) Elizabeth Emaline (1876-1953) m. 1893 Thomas H. LACKEY (1870-bef. 1952), brother of William who married Margaret Ann

          *Mary Jane had a son, John BUTLER (aka PORTEOUS), in 1878 (John’s father = Edward BUTLER) who died in 1888 & next had William PORTEOUS in 1880 (father = Mr. GOOD?). She married Robert DEAVES (c1847-1890) in 1882 & had 2 daughters, Grace Louisa (1883-1957) m. 1902 George CARDIFF (1880-1950); & Margaret Jane (1884-1957) m. 1902 Robert James LACKEY (1875-19??).  In 1891 Mary Jane married, George CROZIER (1845-1906) in 1891
at Carleton Place, Ontario and in 1908 married William CARDIFF (1855-1916), her son-in-law’s widowed father.

Alexander BIRSS (1851-1940), was born at Kincardine-O’Neill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, s/o Hugh BIRSS (1812-1860) & May MERCHANT (c1816-1875); he came to the Gladstone, Manitoba area c1879 and then moved to Dauphin Manitoba in 1888 and married Cynthia Vesta McDONALD (1863-1928) in 1884. Their daughter, Mary Ellen (1889-1973), married William PORTEOUS (1880-1953) in 1908 in Dauphin & Bert HORSLEY (1899-1976) in 1955 in Winnipeg.

Neil McDONALD (c1800-1880s), came from (probably Islay) Scotland to Caledon, Ontario, Canada c1830, likely with his wife, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (c1805-1898?); their son, Neil (m. Mary Ann ROSZELL) moved to Bruce County Ontario in the mid 1800s, then to Gartmore (near Dauphin), Manitoba in 1888.

: this family may have originally emigrated from England to USA; Charles Roszell Sr (1742-1817) came up from New Jersey, USA c1810 to the Belfountain area in Ontario; his grandson, Charles Patrick ROSZELL (1811-1878, s/o Nathaniel ROSZELL &
his first wife, Christien FELKER) m. 1832 to Cynthia EAGLES (1814-1895, d/o William EAGLES & Mary RUSHTON). Their daughter, Mary Ann (1838-1897), married Neil McDONALD Jr. (1832-1916) in 1855; their youngest son, John (1874-1949) married Mary Octavia WARD (1878-1920).

: Planters from Eastern Seaboard states moved to Kings County, Nova Scotia c1763 and on to Belfountain,
Ontario in 1826 [An updated version of the original 1982 EAGLES family history book which was written by Douglas Eaton Eagles of Sarnia, Ontario was published in 2006]. The RUSHTON family, which married into the EAGLES family followed the same route – quite a few of them are included in the Eagles book. We were saddened to hear of Douglas Eagles’ passing in 2008 (… his daughter, Carol, can still be contacted via snail mail regarding his works.)


Robert BELL (1789-after 1871) & Johanna HENDERSON (c1795-after 1871) came from Fifeshire, Scotland to Hastings County, Ontario, Canada c1830s; their son Robert BELL (1823-1908) married Mary ANDERSON (1839-1919, d/o Rev. M. ANDERSON) moved with their children to Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada in 1871.  Their son Alexander Lewis BELL (1857-1944) m. 1889 to Mary Ellen DALLAS (1864-1947); their daughter, Ruby Alma BELL (1890-1963) m. 1914 to Arthur Lewis JAMES (b. 1887 Bridport, Dorset, England) s/o George JAMES (1847-19??) & Susan MEGINN?/MEDIAN (1850/1-1889). Arthur emigrated to Stonewall, Manitoba c1908 and returned to England c1937; we believe he died in the London area in 1963, but have been unable to prove this.

William DALLAS (1800-c1893, s/o Peter DALLAS & Mary M GILLIES) m. 1831 to Christy McGREGOR (1802-1856) came from Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland to Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada c1833; their son, Peter m. Annie GILLESPIE.

Donald GILLESPIE (1810-1883, s/o John & Mary) m. Mary McNEIL (1814-1892, d/o Neil & Mary): they came from Islay, Argyllshire Scotland to Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada in 1849; their daughter, Annie (1838-1901), m. 1859 to Peter DALLAS (1832-1901), and they moved to Stonewall, Manitoba in the 1880s.

 * Please send an email, if you have any (or would like more) information on any of the above! *

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