Porteous Associates


The directors of the Porteous Associate have selected me
(Ken Porteous) to be the ‘Laird Elect’ of the association.

This came as something of a surprise to
me, indeed my first reaction was one of disbelief. My second reaction being one of
gratitude, to all the directors, for considering me.

Barry Porteous, our retiring Laird Elect,
has been a staunch supporter and inspiration to the Associates for more years than he
cares to remember. He is the ultimate hard act to follow.

To list Barry’s achievements would
require a book to itself and to Barry, the grateful thanks of all involved must go to him
with our very best wishes for his retirement from the Associates. Somehow I don’t
think Barry will just sit back and observe from the sidelines and I know any contribution,
opinion and thoughts he has on Porteous matters will always be welcomed.

It is now the 21st century and
the furore of the ‘millennium’ event is over and forgotten. Our world is now
quite a small place and we ‘hear’ the words ‘world family’ and wonder
what it means.

In truth I believe in a world family.

The Porteous Associates is a start.

Technology allows us to communicate
across the geography and politics that divide peoples. It is technology that first brought
me into the Porteous family associates some years ago and lifted me from a feeling of
isolation, to one of belonging to a larger family.

Our aim has always been, and will always
continue to be, to collect, collate and enthuse about all things related to our name but
so much more can be gained from a family than just history. It is that intangible feeling
of being part of something larger.

Many of us communicate through the e-mail
system and over the years we have found kindred spirits. Yes there will be differences of
opinion and conjecture, but the ability of a family to overcome these is paramount. By the
22nd century I can guarantee it will all be history.

The next main event will be the
2015 reunion. This will no doubt come around faster than anyone
expects and will be again a great opportunity to swap tales and ‘Meet the
Family’. Put it in your dairy.

To conclude this brief tome, I reiterate
my sentiments of awe at being selected to be your ‘Laird Elect’ and will
endeavour to discharge my duties to the best of my abilities.

Ken Porteous

Laird Elect – Porteous Associates.