The “In-Laws”

“Olive NIELSON“/Olafía NIELSDÓTTIR (1885-1969), daughter of Sigurður OLAFSDÓTTIR (1860-1899) & Niels Christensen (a Danish sailor) emigrated from Reykjavík, Iceland with her JOHANNESSON half-siblings to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1901 where she married Robert N ALLAN (1885-1947) in 1903.

Francis ALLAN (1792-1844) & Janet COWIE (1798-1892) were both born near Edinburgh*, Scotland, where they married in 1813 & had their first son.  They emigrated to Lanark County, Ontario in 1815 where 12 more children were born, including William (1833-1908) who married  Elizabeth Martin KELLOCK (1834-1912) in 1855.  (*The COWIEs were from elite Corstophine, while the ALLANs were from Leith, by the dockyards).  A book, “The Allans of Lanark County”, which includes the descendants of this couple, is being written by Stephen L. Gray of Victoria BC.

Robert KELLOCK (1806-1883, s/o John M KELLOCK & Elizabeth MARTIN) m. 1833 Alicia D McDONNELL (1810-1878); both were born in Scotland.  Robert emigrated alone, while Alicia came in 1829 with her parents, Donald McDONNELL (1781-1854) & Margaret McPHERSON, to Lanark County, Ontario, Canada.

Isaac CORRY (1799-1881) m. 1820 to Jean/Jane RITCHIE (1801-1859).  Their son, George CORRY (1826-1907) m. 1849 to Mary NEILSON (1822-1900) & their daughter, Caroline H G CORRY (1856-1833) m. 1880 to Francis J ALLAN (1856-1840).  The RITCHIEs came from Scotland to Lanark County, Ontario in 1815, while Isaac CORRY, born London, ENG, s/o George CORRY & Margaret COLE, emigrated in 1816.

Rev. Johnson NEILSON (c1796-1857) & Annie Jane COBURN (1799-1887) were both born in Northern Ireland, where they married in 1817 and had 7 children (including Mary, above) before emigrating c1835 to Lanark County, Ontario; their youngest 3 children were born in Canada.  Rev. NEILSONs parents, John NEILSON & Grace RODGERS were first cousins, their mothers being sisters, Catherine & Grace WELSH who descend from Rev. John KNOX‘s second marriage to Margaret STEWART (of the Royal household).

William WALLACE (1758-1834) from Devon, England, & his wife, Hannah VICKERY (1782-1830), settled in Prince Edward Island in the early 1800s; his great-grandson, Henry WALLACE (1854-1944) & his wife, Phoebe BERNARD (c1850-1942), moved to Pointe du Chene, New Brunswick in 1882.  Their granddaughter, Mary Erma WALLACE (d/o George Edward WALLACE & Susanna BARRETT) married Robert F ALLAN (s/o Robert N ALLAN & Olive NEILSON).

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